Tuesday, March 30, 2010

weekly plan 29 March - 2 Aril 2010 "Costas Loop in VHDL, IQ Demodulator Evaluation Boards"

Greetings everyone,

Here's my plan for the week.

1. (Begin to) implement a Costas Loop in VHDL. Anyone out there already done this?
2. Set up the website for sharing VHDL source code. I noticed several VHDL projects on sourceforge. Perhaps when we have some code to share, starting a sourceforge project area would be a good idea.
3. Fix the twitter badge belonging to one of the three people that have a twitter badge on the MEP homepage. If you use twitter, and would like to be on the home page, just let me know and I'll put you there.
4. Decide whether or not to order an evaluation board for an IQ demodulator. I'm looking at something like a Skyworks evaluation board. They come with the demodulator soldered down, but you place the other parts to get the right frequency range. There's a parts list for 3200-3900MHz, which just happens to include one of our intended bands.

Here's the rather unrevealing product webpage:


My questions are "Are there any other cheaper alternatives to this evaluation board?" and "Does anyone have anything like this lying around that we could borrow?" Let us know. I might be able to get a lot of use out of this evaluation board in the local microwave scene as a loaner or building block, but $199 is expensive enough to justify talking about it and looking around some more.

If you have the time and inclination to help confirm or contradict any of these ideas, please do! It would be greatly appreciated.

More soon,
-Michelle W5NYV

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