Sunday, August 28, 2011


Paper appearing in The Proceedings of Microwave Update 2011. It's about the basics of six-port theory, with an explanation of six-ports as modulator and demodulator.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Six-port article for MUD

Greetings all!

This October, a six-port paper will be included in the Proceedings of Microwave Update 2011. If you read the old six-port paper, this is a major revision and expansion.

Next step: building six-ports with the recently received couplers and dividers, at 1.2GHz in order to experiment with local amateur DTV.

I'm hoping that experiments at 1.2GHz will produce enough know-how to make a reliable recipe, and then that recipe can be used at 3 and 5 GHz.

I'll be out of town until September 7th. My three children will be back in school on Monday, and I'll begin to have a lot more time to help out on MEP and related experiments. Summer is a bit more challenging in terms of having uninterrupted time.

This list is intended to support and encourage amateur microwave engineering projects, so please speak up with ideas, comments, critiques, proposals and plans. 

Looking forward to the fall, 
-Michelle W5NYV

Sit vis vobiscum!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Qt4 built, building a GUI for SDRs

After reinstalling Xcode, Qt4 installed from the repository. This is the recommended way to build GUIs for MEP. Thanks to Jacob for highlighting Qt4 and recommending a book.

If you're interested in building the GUI, then install Qt and speak up!  :+)

Tom Rondeau had some very nice things to say about a model-view-controller architecture-for-SDR letter I wrote him and fred harris a couple months back. The response got me thinking about exactly how one would want to partition tasks for an SDR, and how those partitions could improve the user experience and user interface.

Model-view-controller type software writing can be very user (and user-interface) focused. What I'd like to look at is how to best write a GUI for SDR. While the application is MEP, I'm looking for generalizations that will be useful to others.

What do you all think?

-Michelle W5NYV