Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Statistics for March 2010

Thank you all for being interested in and supportive of MEP development.

Here are some statistics for March

Average daily number of RSS feed subscribers: 31
Number of subscribers on the mailing list: 37
Unique visitors in March: 744

6.54GB were downloaded from the site for December. This is well within our bandwidth allocation. We are well within our disk space quota as well. No service disruptions were reported for March.

The most popular items were the Xilinx manuals, the SBMS Newsletter from March 2010, The High-Speed Multimedia notes from February, and the Xilinx Integrated Software Environment.

Many visitors to the site were from the USA. However, Hong Kong was the most frequent visitor, and India and Australia ranked high as well.

Please let me know what would make the site, feed, and list more useful and helpful and I'll do all that I can to achieve it. Since so many of us are spread out so far, a useful site and tool set is important in order to communicate effectively.

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