Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Spartan-6 hardware purchased, ISE 12.4 released from Xilinx, and filter solution provided by Bob

I bought us a development kit in order to provide some hardware to work on (you all might recall that the loaner DSP-centric development kit didn't work out for us). 

The goal is to put it on the net so that any of us can access it and do development. The way to accomplish this is probably through a VPN and/or screen sharing setup. I'll have a computer dedicated to the station that will (hopefully) stay up and be accessible all the time!

Here's a link to the kit:

And, 12.4 ISE (we use the free webpack version) has just been released. This is the software that allows you to develop on Xilinx FPGAs. Here's the download link:

Please update your ISE and stay tuned for more FPGA updates   :+)

Also, Bob McGwier has provided a filter solution (which I'm sorry to say I haven't had a chance yet to do much with quite yet). Thank you Bob!

-Michelle W5NYV

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