Sunday, February 28, 2010

#ekiga irc channel chat log

Here's a bit of conversation about Ekiga on Beagleboard that happened today.

(10:59:26 AM) Michelle: Hello!
(10:59:50 AM) Michelle: Anyone have Ekiga working on a Beagleboard?
(11:02:41 AM) johanbr [~j@JBrannlund2.MathStat.Dal.Ca] entered the room.
(11:17:44 AM) Snark: Abraxas3d, someone proposed patches recently for arm support, if I remember well
(11:19:33 AM) Snark:
(11:19:46 AM) Snark: ^^^ that was that bug
(11:22:29 AM) Michelle: That looks promising - I'm still in the process of figuring out what is most likely causing Ekiga to crash. Is there any way I can help with getting Ekiga working on ARM?
(11:24:32 AM) Michelle: Do I take these attachments and add them to my source for ptlib and ekiga, to try them out?
(11:25:19 AM) Michelle: they look like scripts, to me.
(11:25:51 AM) Snark: they are patches
(11:26:03 AM) Snark: notice that they only add support for video
(11:26:15 AM) Snark: which would imply the rest is already working properly
(11:26:45 AM) ced117 [] entered the room.
(11:35:17 AM) Michelle: Segmentation faults are all I seem to be getting so far. The beagleboard "ideas" website described Ekiga as "already compiled for the arm-7 on Angstrom (Angstrom being the OS). So The project would be to optimize it for the Beagle (and probably some debugging as Ekiga on beagle apparently is not that stable)." When I read this entry on the table of Beagleboard Ideas (from 2009), I took it to mean that a large part of or almost all of the work was probably done. The stability problems appear on beagleboard various forums - people that were able to get it running experience crashes and other setbacks.
(11:36:10 AM) Michelle: I'm optimistic it's well within striking range, if not already solved. I've just not had a lot of luck finding the magic recipe or thing I'm missing.
(11:36:19 AM) Michelle: the link to the bug report is very helpful!
(11:36:42 AM) Michelle: at the very least, encouraging.
(11:43:38 AM) Snark: if you can get traces, that would help find bugs
(11:44:10 AM) Snark:
(11:44:16 AM) Snark: ^ explanations how to debug
(11:45:39 AM) Michelle: I do indeed have some traces, and have that link marked for reference. I don't want to waste anyone's time with traces that are due to trivial problems on my end, so I haven't submitted any quite yet.
(11:50:34 AM) Snark: ok
(11:50:48 AM) Snark: does the fact that parts of ekiga come as plugins help?
(11:53:13 AM) [L] [] entered the room.
(11:53:35 AM) Michelle: I confess I don't know enough about plugins (other than the basic programming theory) in Ekiga to know if it helps or hurts. When installing, there is a directory of plugins, and they are populated. If there is a missing plugin, I would probably not be able to tell without being better oriented to using and installing plugins.
(11:54:45 AM) Michelle: I'll do my best to check, though.
(11:54:57 AM) Snark: which plugins are enabled?
(11:55:07 AM) Snark: they should all be optional things
(11:55:18 AM) Snark: so removing them to remove their problems could be an idea
(11:59:47 AM) Michelle: none currently installed in the release considered stable from Angstrom (3.2.0), and I'm still working through the rebuild-from-source for 3.2.6. I do remember seeing plugins on the last attempt, and will try your idea when it rebuilds. I appreciate the advice very much.
(12:02:11 PM) Snark: 3.2.0 had some crashes here and there, which have been fixed since

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