Friday, May 1, 2009

Weekly Report 1 May 2009

Greetings everyone! Here's a brief report for the past week or so. 

1) Development Image News: While we didn't get the MEP-flavor Moblin development image finalized - the development tools are sitting on the desktop waiting for installation -  we did complete the task of growing the virtual disk to a larger and more useful size (from 2GB to 8GB). 

The development image (Moblin V2) can be run in a virtual machine to develop Moblin applications.  What you do is work within the "guest" operating system of Moblin, while running whatever operating system you prefer as the host. More details about Moblin can be found at

2) I have a set of ideas that need to get organized into a presentation for Dayton. 

First, I'm planning to present the work from uWSDR (the transmit modulator project organized by Grant Hodgson. I will endeavor to do the work of his team justice in the talk. 

The second thing I want to communicate is ideas shared with and by Frank Brickle, about the status of microwave SDR in general as the "place we want to go", and how MEP incorporates modern communications models. I would very much like to show performance comparisons between the traditional transverter approach and currently-designed or currently-buildable SDRs in bands specific to our project. 

Third, I will appeal for volunteers to help get more of the project into more active development. 

I'm aiming to have a draft of these ideas published over the weekend, and am very much interested in feedback and ideas for this presentation.

3) I started work on a software specification for the discovery function. The reason I picked this one is because I believe I understand how to describe it, I'm confident that it's a reasonable starting point for software design participation, and it provides a way to experiment with different interpretations of what the MEP user interfaceshould be. 

More soon, -Michelle W5NYV

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