Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Weekly Report 22 October - 24 October 2008

1. Talk about how Microwave Update went for MEP.

2. Revisit Tom Rondeau's cognitive radio ideas and explore applicability to MEP.

3. Report specific progress on the feeds. Kent Britain described his plan to use Schiffman polarization with two orthogonally-oriented vivaldi feeds for a circularly polarized MEP feed. Has anyone ever seen or done something similar to this? I'll read up on this end and report what I can manage to learn about it.

4. Revisit Timothy Salo's ACP paper to see if there is applicability to MEP. Not sure if this paper can be distributed yet, unfortunately. It is going to be presented this weekend at AMSAT Space Symposium. Since MEP is related to ACP, both Timothy and Joanne Maenpaa's work might be of interest to the list.

Let me know what you're doing or what you're interested in doing, and we'll see how we can get from here to there!

-Michelle W5NYV

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