Friday, July 4, 2008

Weekly Report June 23 - July 4

This is a Technical Report for the past two weeks: June 23 – July 4
1. Two possible feed designs were discussed. Paul Wade W1GHZ is working on a dual-feed horn. Kent Britain WA5VJB’s Vivaldi design is a starting point for a higher-power version. 2. Joanne Maenpaa has released for review “AMSAT Communications Interoperability White Paper Version 1”. This paper is up on the site and in the feed. She is developing this paper for the Satellite Symposium in October.

3. Productive and interesting discussion on field and portable mounting strategies and advice on tripods took place.

4. Here are the documentation and site statistics for June. There are 53 members on the namaste-dev mailing list. There are 25 subscribers to the document feed, where in addition to the automated downloads, there were 697 views of 34 items and 24 manual downloads of 8 enclosures (documents). The Namaste website required 760 megabytes of bandwidth in June. We are well within all bandwidth and disk space allocations and will be for the foreseeable future.

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