Friday, June 13, 2008

Weekly Report June 9 - June 13


Report for this week: June 9 – June 13

0. I have no idea why carriage returns and line feeds from some of my email mysteriously disappear. I'm trying to figure out why, but in the meantime I'm blaming Frank Brickle and I apologize for the difficult-to-read results.

1. Physical layer feedback gathered and posted.

2. SuperPortable User Interface Design Document work was virgulated, while Frank Brickle phrontistated events of metaphysically fainéantious importance and value to the team.

3. Antenna work began (five San Diego area dishes gathered here) and feed research continued. Who's game for participating in this area? We need more people to investigate, build, and test.

4. Requirements analysis (technical) and Position Paper (policy) work on the optional APCO-25 terrestrial interface module continued. I have one volunteer for this effort, and am looking for more.

5. Plans for the July meeting moved forward slightly. I gave Barry Baines a list of hotels that might work for us. If you would like to attend the July meeting(s) then please let me know so I can invite you. They will be held on the weekend of 18-20 July.

6. Policy development concerning openness, open source, transparency, etc. continued.

more soon!

-Michelle W5NYV
Sit Vis Vobiscum

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